Flawless Face DAILY Toner Organic

For normal to combination skin

Incorporate this important step in your skincare routine with Poofy Organics’ Flawless Face Daily Toner Organic. It helps set up the skin for the rest of your routine’s products like serums and moisturizers. 


4 oz. 

Product Description

Toners can typically penetrate the skin better than cleansers because of their smaller product molecules, so they function to remove any leftover makeup or dirt and also to balance the skin’s pH.

Our Daily toner was made with skin types ranging from normal to combination skin, as it doesn’t need extra ingredients like essential oils and extracts to prep and efficiently balance your skin.


Organic Rosewater Hydrosol, Organic Witch Hazel & Organic Glycerin (organic sunflower oil, organic flax seed oil, or organic coconut oil)

Direction of Use

Dispense three pumps onto a cotton pad and swipe over clean, dry face. Use daily after cleansing, morning and night.

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