The Journey to Greener Living: Starting with Your Choice of Natural Shampoo

Going green starts with small choices. Switching out the products you use every day from conventional to more natural options is a great place to start! Since shampoo is something we all use frequently, switching yours to a natural option versus chemical-laden ones you find on store shelves in an excellent early step in the right direction. Natural shampoos are made from ingredients straight from Mother Nature herself. No hard-to-pronounce chemicals, no synthetic fragrances that overpower your senses, just pure, simple ingredients. Choosing them is not just good for your hair; it’s a statement. It says you care about the environment and your own health. So, by choosing a natural shampoo, you’re taking a step, even if it’s a small one, towards greener living. It’s an easy switch with a big impact 


Benefits of Switching to Natural Shampoo 

Natural shampoos skip the harsh chemicals found in conventional shampoos. This means less irritation and dryness for sensitive scalps. Your hair can retain its natural oils, staying healthier and shinier. This also means we're keeping those harsh chemicals out of our environment. Plus, using natural ingredients supports sustainable farming practices by allowing more farmers to continue to grow the ingredients used. And of course, you’re avoiding the potential long-term health risks associated with synthetic ingredients.  


How Your Choice of Shampoo Affects the Environment 

Traditional shampoos are packed with chemicals that can harm marine life and pollute waterways once they go down the drain. Chemicals like sulfates, parabens, and preservatives don’t just disappear. They end up in oceans and rivers, affecting fish and other aquatic animals. While the amount of any given ingredient present in a single product is minimal, when you multiply that ingredient by millions of people using it daily in various products, there is a real risk of overexposure. Also, consider ditching the plastic bottle by choosing a shampoo bar! Many consumers have successfully made that switch and are happy with their plastic-free, natural solution. 

Common Misconceptions About Natural Shampoo 

Many people think natural shampoos don’t clean well. Not true. They’re packed with plant-based cleaners that do the job without stripping your hair. Another myth? They can’t lather. But the truth is, they do foam up! There are a variety of natural ingredients that are able to create lather. There’s also this idea that natural shampoos are too pricey. Sure, some cost more, but many are priced similarly to regular shampoos. Lastly, there’s a belief they won’t work for all hair types. Wrong again. There’s a natural shampoo out there for everyone, whether your hair is dry, oily, or somewhere in between. Don’t let these myths stop you from making a switch that’s good for you and the planet. 


Tips for Transitioning to a Natural Shampoo Routine 

Switching to a natural shampoo might sound simple, but your hair needs time to adjust. Here’s why: conventional shampoos strip your hair of natural oils, so your scalp pumps out more to compensate. When you switch, your hair might feel greasier or drier than normal for a bit. But don’t worry; it’s temporary. Here are some straightforward tips to make the transition easier. First, give it time. Expect to wait a few weeks for your scalp to balance out its oil production. During this period, resist the urge to wash your hair more often than necessary. Second, use less product. Natural shampoos often don’t lather as much, but that doesn’t mean they’re not working. You only need a small amount. Third, rinse thoroughly. These shampoos can leave residues if not rinsed out well.   

Be sure to check out our other blog posts which contain tips for reading labels and other topics regarding your clean, green journey. And always remember, you are not alone. Others have walked in your shoes before and are here to help you on your journey! 



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