Sleepy Sleep Bath Bomb

Calming bath bomb

Induce restful sleep with our Sleepy Sleep Bath Bomb, a tranquil oasis of relaxation designed to transform your evening bath into a calming prelude to a restful night's sleep. Immerse yourself in the soothing aromas and gentle embrace of this bath bomb, crafted to promote relaxation and create a serene atmosphere to help you unwind after a long day.

Product Weight: 5 oz. 

Product Description

This calming formula includes essential oils of lavender, lemon, and roman chamomile to help you relax and soothe after a busy day.

Key Features:

Calming Lavender Essential Oil: Drift into tranquility with the calming scent of lavender, known for its sleep-inducing properties. The Sleepy Sleep Bath Bomb envelops your senses in a delicate aroma, setting the stage for a peaceful night's sleep.

Chamomile Infusion: Infused with Roman chamomile, a natural herb renowned for its calming effects, our bath bomb enhances the relaxation experience. Allow the gentle chamomile notes to soothe your mind and prepare you for a serene night ahead.

Moisturizing Shea Butter: Pamper your skin with the moisturizing benefits of shea butter. Our Sleepy Sleep Bath Bomb leaves your skin feeling silky-smooth and hydrated, providing a touch of luxury to your bedtime routine.

Note: this product is not certified organic


Baking Soda, Citric Acid (non-GMO sugar cane), Non-GMO Cornstarch, Organic Sunflower Oil, Organic Shea Butter, Organic Cocoa Butter, Organic Sugar, Sea Salt, Organic Essential Oils of Lavender (Lavandula Angustifolia), Lemon (Citrus Medica Limonum) & Roman Chamomile (Anthemis Nobilis)

Direction of Use
  1. Drop the bath bomb into a warm bath and enjoy the fizzing sensation and the release of the essential oils.
  2. Soak in the bath for 20-30 minutes for maximum relaxation and benefit.
  3. Follow up with your favorite moisturizer to lock in the hydration.

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