Holiday Trees Candle Melts

Let your favorite scents fill your home and curate just the right atmosphere with Poofy Organics’ Candle Melts. Get lost in this fresh scent created by Essential Oils of Fir, Spruce, and Cedar, which are sure to transport you into a dense, calm forest for a relaxing bath time experience.

Note: this product is not certified organic

Product Weight: 3 oz. 

Total: 6 cubes. Burn time is approximately 25-30 hours per cube.
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Product Description

Fill your home with captivating fragrances and create fascinating ambiances with these delightful wax melts. Each cube holds a symphony of tantalizing scents, ready to transport you to a realm of relaxation and sensory delight.

No open flames or wicks required, making them a safe and convenient way to enjoy fragrance.


Coconut Wax, organic pine (Pinus sylvestris) essential oil, blue spruce essentil oil, organic cranberry extract, organic orange essential oil.

Direction of Use

Simply place a wax melt or two in your electric or tea light wax warmer and enjoy hours of fragrant bliss.

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