Greener Than Petroleum Jelly Organic

Deep hydrating jelly that locks in moisture


A sustainable alternative that's not only kind to your skin but also greener than traditional petroleum jelly. Specially formulated with plant-based ingredients, this skin balm provides a nourishing and eco-friendly solution for all your skincare needs.

Product Description

Key Features:

  1. Plant-Powered Hydration: Our skin balm is a blend of Organic Sunflower Oil and Organic Beeswax. Together they provide deep, long-lasting hydration without the use of petroleum-derived ingredients.
  2. Eco-Friendly Formula: Say goodbye to petroleum jelly and embrace an environmentally conscious choice. Our jelly is crafted with only organic ingredients.
  3. Versatile Moisturization: From dry elbows and knees to chapped lips and cuticles, our Greener than Petroleum Jelly provides versatile moisturization for all areas of your body. Pamper your skin with a product that is as adaptable as it is effective.

Organic Sunflower Oil & Organic Beeswax.

Direction of Use
  1. Apply a small amount of the Greener than Petroleum Jelly to the desired area.
  2. Gently massage into the skin until fully absorbed.
  3. Use as often as needed for supple, moisturized, and glowing skin.

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