Our DIY ecoLASHES™ are known as ribbon lashes and are made to be cut into segments, or clusters. You choose the width of the segment for a truly customized and precise application. Who needs expensive and toxic lash extensions when you've got ecoLASH™!  All in the comfort of your own home, ecoLASHES™ are natural-looking, comfortable and durable.  When you become an APPLICATION PRO, you can create infinite looks by mixing different ecoLASH STYLES and LENGTHS!

Our sustainable ecoLASHES™ are easy to work with and provide superior comfort while protecting the health of the natural eyelash. 

Product Description

This WISPY set of LASHES is a blend between a volume and mixed length lash, for a full volume lash look that will stand out yet still be delicate. Sound impossible? Try it and see! Both playful and seductive, this may very well end up being your favorite lash!

Using different lengths and/or styles will help in achieving the look you are going for, or as we call it, your ecoLASH™ MAP. 
0.1mm thick. 

This style comes in a 14mm length and a whopping 24 SEGMENTS!

Feather-light lash fibers, our exclusive sustainable ecoLASH™ products are made from 100% post-consumer recycled PET and HDPE, so that water bottle that you trash may one day end up beautifying you! Colored by micas, vegan & cruelty free! Made in the USA!

Each set can last up to 5 days and can be reused many times. To reuse, simply soak your lashes for a minimum of an hour in 99% alcohol and dry off carefully. Best if dried on our SILICONE PADS.

The ecoLASH™ Wispy consists of 24 segments per pack and we recommend using 5 segments per eye. If you'd like more volume, you can stack the ecoLASH™ and use 10 segments.

Apply with our "ecoLASH APPLICATOR" and "ecoLASH ADHESIVE", which are sold separately. Don't forget to add our ecoLASH™ PRIMER and ecoLASH REMOVER. 

Direction of Use

APPLICATION: Think of application as baking a cake. First, you assemble all the ingredients, get out your tools, then you mix the ingredients, pour into the mold and bake. Same goes for lashes! 

STEP 1: PREPARE.  Assemble all the necessary items such as:
- cotton round (to prime LASHES)
- silicone lash pad (to lay LASHES)
- ecoLASH
- ecoLASH

Begin with CLEAN lashes. Prime eye area by using a cotton round to remove oils and any makeup residue. Make sure your lashes are dry before proceeding.

Decide which STYLE and LENGTH ecoLASH™ you will be wearing. CAREFULLY use your ecoLASH APPLICATOR to remove ecoLASH LASHES from packaging. Cut your segments. You may want to use (1) or (2) SEGMENTS. As you gain confidence in your application abilities, you will find what works for you. 

Pay careful attention to the amount applied.  Less is more. You want to apply about 1-2mm from the waterline. Applying too close will affect longevity. Applying too MUCH will affect the "BLEND PROCESS" which is when you blend your natural eyelash to your ecoLASHES If you apply too much, simply use a clean SPOOLIE to remove excess. Our ecoLASH ADHESIVE applies white but dries clear. For longer wear, apply a small amount of ecoLASH ADHESIVE to the spine of the ecoLASH SEGMENT and wait until tacky.

Wait 30-60 seconds while the ecoLASH ADHESIVE becomes tacky. While waiting, you can proceed to the next step.

Placement is KEY. Use the ecoLASH APPLICATOR to place ecoLASH SEGMENTS on the UNDERSIDE of your upper lashes, NEVER on the waterline. Lashes should adhere effortlessly and may be overlapped slightly. Use the end of the ecoLASH™ APPLICATOR to ensure there is a BOND. If lashes do not BOND, either too much ADHESIVE has been applied, or not enough. Take a deep breath, try to problem solve and begin again. Always be sure your ecoLASH APPLICATOR is CLEAN and free of adhesive. Feel free to reposition ecoLASH SEGMENTS as needed before the final step.

Once you are happy with placement and position, use the curved end of the ecoLASH APPLICATOR to BLEND the ecoLASH SEGMENTS with your natural lashes. Clamp together and press firmly. This secures the ecoLASH SEGMENTS to your natural lashes. Ensure the ecoLASH APPLICATOR is fully released (not adhered to any lashes) before moving it away from eye.

To remove your ecoLASH SEGMENTS, shake ecoLASH LASH REMOVER and fully saturate a cotton pad. Gently press cotton pad over eyelids, holding for about 30 seconds and then slide lashes off. 

To reuse your ecoLASH LASHES, soak them in isopropyl alcohol (preferably 99%) for at least 1/2 hour. If you see excess adhesive, simply brush off with a q-tip. You can reuse your ecoLASH LASHES 3-5 times.

LASHES and Lash accessories are NOT returnable. 


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