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Pain in the Tush Essential Oil Blend Organic


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USDA Certified Organic Blend.

Helps to reduce inflammation and common issues of the tush*

5 mL. Dilution rate: 5%  (for acute, small term issues)  To dilute further, use a carrier oil similar to Jojoba 

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA


Pain in the Tush Essential Oil Blend Organic $18.00

4 Stars Based on 4 Review(s)

Stephanie of Colorado
- 5 Stars
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Works so well

July 9,2023

I’ve had issues ever since I’ve had babies and this really helps so much. I keep it in the shower and apply right before I get out.
Barbara of Iowa
- 4 Stars
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No more "pain in the tush"

March 25,2021

There are so many products that I love from poofy thanks to my amazing daughter Micyla Kay . I have to say the most memorable experience with poofy though was with the essential oil blend "pain in the tush". Yeah I know we don't really ever want to talk about those ((shhhh,hush hush)) hemorrhoids but many of us have them and many of us deal with them privately well I have to tell you my story I'll make it quick. yep one of the times that we develop hemorrhoids is at childbirth and thanks to my amazing daughter that's what happened so for 30 plus years I experienced pain in the tush :-) pun intended. when my daughter started selling poofy organics I saw this little vial and thought well it can't hurt to try this one ((shhhh,hush hush)) hemorrhoid had been bothering me for 30 plus years it was about the size of the end of your thumb and very annoying sometimes it was okay and sometimes it was horrible so I followed the instructions put a couple little drops on my finger and touched it to the pain in the tush :-) pun intended. And to my amazing surprise literally within seconds it had shrank and as I continued to use it for a couple of days it went away. Every now and that it flares its ugly little pain up again and I just quietly go into the bathroom and use this amazing product. if you are one of the thousands or probably millions of women in the world that deal with this problem I highly recommend this product for something that we really don't want to talk about :-)
Dotty of Minnesota
- 5 Stars
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This stuff works!

February 14,2021

For over 30 years I've suffered with hemorrhoids!  They literally are a pain in the tush.  It took only 3 times applying the essential oil, and they are gone!   This is the best oil EVER to help with these little buggers!  Thank you for creating it!!!
Barbara of Iowa
- 5 Stars
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30 plus years and today they are gone

October 23,2018

ok this is a subject that we often do not talk about I mean who wants to say "I have these nasty things hanging out of my butt" well today i am saying "i no longer have them". After 30 plus years (i have had 5 babies) my hemorrhoids were bad and a daily issue i figured i would deal with them all of my life and just resolved myself to it. I got my "pain in the tush" product in the mail yesterday so after my shower today i did what it said. I used 2 drops and then went about my day. Went to the bathroom an hour ago (only 2 hours after application) and i was shocked and happy they are gone. I am not kidding they are gone. I am a happy lady. This product is my new best friend. Sorry for TMI but holy buckets if you or anyone you know deals with this issue this is the product.

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