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Picture of Beet It Nail Polish

Beet It Nail Polish

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Make your nails pop with Poofy Organics’ Beet It Nail Polish.This shade is shockingly and unapologetically bright for our girls who live to make a statement. 

Although nail polish can never be completely natural because it still contains solvents, modern polishes are full of toxins that you breathe in and absorb through your skin every time you paint your nails.

POOFY POLISH does NOT have any of these major toxins:

Toluene- A human reproductive toxin.
Formaldehyde- A known carcinogen, plus they pickle dead bodies in it. YUCK!
Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP)- Known to cause infertility, uterine cancer, testicular cancer & fetal defects just to name a few!
Camphor - Poisonous & can cause liver damage.
Propylene glycol- antifreeze, used to de-ice airplanes
Fragrance- can contain thousands of untested chemicals
Silicones- hormone disruptor
Parabens- estrogen mimicker
Ethanolamine- organ system & reproductive toxicity
Mineral oil- made of petroleum
Acetone- irritant
Xylene- an ancient ingredient found in polishes – damages the central nervous system.

- Safe for pregnant women and kids (4+)
- Durable
- Non-yellowing formula
- Cruelty free/Not tested on animals
- Packages in 100% recyclable packaging

Product Weight: 0.43 fl oz.
Note: this product is not certified organic. 


Beet It Nail Polish $12.00

4 Stars Based on 4 Review(s)

Artil of California
- 3 Stars
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Pretty color but matte

December 8,2021

I ordered this shade twice and both times it came on matte and dull with no shine. It’s a beautiful color but for some reason wasn’t coming on as pictured. Poofy was great about it and let me exchange it for another color of my choice. Still love poofy nail polishes!
Kelly of Pennsylvania
- 4 Stars
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Smooth polish

December 5,2020

I love this polish.  It glides on smoothly and covers perfectly.  This polish doesn’t seem to chick and flake as quickly as other ‘store bought’ Polishes.
Denise of California
- 5 Stars
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Barbie pink

October 6,2019

When you want to be like Barbie, this is the color! Definitely one of my favs.
Isis of California
- 5 Stars
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Gorgeous! I adore Beet It

May 4,2019

I absolutely love this color! It is so vibrant and I get compliments all the time! Perfect bright spring time vibes. It's fuchsia on a whole new level. Definitely recommended for pink lovers.

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