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Breathe Easy Support Organic


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USDA Certified Organic Blend.

Aromatherapy USDA Organic Essential Oil Blend

May aid in nasal & sinus congestion from colds, allergies & sinus issues*

15 mL. Dilution rate: 1.5%  (for children over age 6, pregnant women, elderly adults, those with sensitive skin, compromised immune systems or other serious health issues.)  To dilute further, use a similar carrier oil to Sunflower.

May be inhaled or put directly onto skin. Great spots to apply include in the nose, on the bottom of the feet or on the chest.  Always proceed with caution when using essential oils.  *These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. 


Breathe Easy Support Organic $15.00

5 Stars Based on 2 Review(s)

Anne of North Carolina
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For allergy sufferers

July 13,2018

This completely helps get me through allergy season! I try my hardest not to take over the counter meds and thankfully most of the time I don't need to. When I feel sneezy or stuffy, I rub a few drops of this on my sinuses and on my wrists to then hold up to my nose and inhale. Sneezing fits stop and my sinuses open up. I won't be without this product and love how I can be sure of safe ingredients!
Angela of Illinois
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Helps with stuffy noses

April 17,2018

When my nose is stuffed, I put some in and under my nose. I also put some drops on my wrists, rub together and bring it up to my nose to breathe for a few minutes. This helps especially at night time when I'm about to lay down. It really does help me Breathe Easy!
I had a friend also tell me this helps her breathe better.

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