ecoLASH™ Glue Adhesive Black

DIY has never been easier.  Enjoy long wear and flexible hold of our ecoLASHES® while keeping your natural lashes healthy and strong. Contains biotin, which nourishes your lashes for wearing multiple days. 5 ml.
Product Description

Mascara-like wand helps for easy application. Just apply as you would mascara by going over the lashes once. 

*packaging may vary

- Latex free for sensitive eyes.
- White adhesive will dry clear 
- Provides a flexible hold to avoid tension on natural lashes which allows for growth. 
- Water resistant
- vegan


Acrylate copolymer, water, biotin, organic glycerin (palm or coconut), leuconostoc ferment filtrate (kimchi seaweed), micas/iron oxides.

Direction of Use

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